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Many thanks to all speakers, chairs and participants for sharing data and ideas and the lively discussions at the Alumni Symposium 2022 – 25 years of Robert Koch Postdoc Prizes. We are looking forward to the next Alumni Symposium of the Robert Koch Postdoc Prize Awardees, presumably in 2026.
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Receiving the Robert Koch Award yields a lot of important international recognition for one’s work.

Tasuku Honjo
Robert Koch Award 2012,
Nobel Prize for Medicine 2018

Being honoured by the Foundation serves simultaneously as recognition for the teams behind the award winners.

Petra Gastmeier
Award for Hospital Hygiene and Infection Prevention 2015

For me and my field, recognition of our work by the Robert Koch Award highlighted the importance of basic research.

Charles M. Rice
Robert Koch Award 2015

It is sometimes difficult to communicate research results to the public. The Robert Koch Award has enabled us to make the new therapy for chronic hepatitis C better known.

Ralf Bartenschlager
Robert Koch Award 2015

The Robert Koch award is one of the top prizes internationally. Receiving it tells you that your science is really cutting edge – and this is very motivating for future work.

Pascale Cossart
Robert Koch Award 2007

The battle against microbial pathogens has not been won and that infectious diseases remain, and will continue to remain, a major challenge for society at large.

Jorge Galán
Robert Koch Award 2011

For me as a young researcher, the award was a great honour; and meeting some of the leading minds in science was enormously inspiring.

Gülşah Gabriel
Advancement Award of the City of Clausthal-Zellerfeld 2012

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