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The Foundation awards each year a number of prestigious scientific awards: the Robert Koch Award, one of the highest-ranking scientific awards in Germany, the Robert Koch Gold Medal, three awards for young scientists and, since 2013, the Prize for Hospital Hygiene and Infection Prevention.

Robert Koch Award

for outstanding and internationally recognized scientific achievements

Robert Koch Gold Medal

in recognition of the outstanding life’s work of a scientist

Award for Hospital Hygiene and Infection Prevention

Robert Koch award winners enjoy high international acclaim. This is undoubtedly because, since 1975, twelve prizewinners have subsequently been awarded a Nobel Prize.

Harald zur Hausen Robert Koch Award 1975 Nobel Prize for Medicine 2008
Jean Dausset Robert Koch Award 1977 Nobel Prize for Medicine 1980
César Milstein Robert Koch Award 1980 Nobel Prize for Medicine 1984
Susumu Tonegawa Robert Koch Award 1986 Nobel Prize for Medicine 1987
Ernst Ruska Robert Koch Gold Medal 1986 Nobel Prize for Physics 1986
Kary B. Mullis Robert Koch Award 1982 Nobel Prize for Chemistry 1993
Ralph M. Steinman Robert Koch Award 1999 Nobel Prize for Medicine 2011
Bruce A. Beutler Robert Koch Award 2004 Nobel Prize for Medicine 2011
Jules A. Hoffmann Robert Koch Award 2004 Nobel Prize for Medicine 2011
Shinya Yamanaka Robert Koch Award 2008 Nobel Prize for Medicine 2011
Satoshi Omura Robert Koch Gold Medal 1997 Nobel Prize for Medicine 2015
Tasuku Honjo Robert Koch Award 2012 Nobel Prize for Medicine 2018